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October 16, 2004

Magnetic Force detected

Thanks to all of you for being so supportive over the past years.

The Kingpins are planning on revamping the website to reflect the illustrious career of this, one of THE Top 5 most important ska bands in North America!

Those of you who have experienced the band's most recent musical evolution will be pleased to know that you may continue to follow this ever changing soundscape onto a new and exciting stage...

Lo and the Magnetics

Debut album A Part
for release November 16th, 2004 in Canada on Top 5 Records
for release October 25th, 2004 in Europe on Grover Records

Major European Tour
November 12th to December 20th, 2004

Mike Gasselsdorfer on drums
King Kong Gírio on bass
Chris Raz on guitar
Dan Mazart on keys and reeds
Lo on vocals and sax

check out the launch of our new website October 25th, 2004

Please feel free to continue sharing your experiences and memories of The Kingpins on The Kingpins guestbook. We will continue to read it and will continue digging out old material to add to the site, once it is revamped!

Join us on our new journey.
All the best.

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