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These are a few of the projects I've worked on. At the moment, my band the Planet Smashers are enjoying success with our new video "Blind" which has hit heavy rotation on MUCH Music and Musique Plus as well as screening in Japanese movie theatres prior to the features!

Da Bloody Gashes
"Pedal to the Metal"

Total Zero 12" vinyl only

recorded in montreal 2000/2001. " Dave is quite the awesome coach as he is the fucking veteran and road warrior. he made us sound so fucking heavy!"

Listen to MP3s of my session

Tricky Woo  
"Les Sables Magiques" 
Sonic Unyon / Tee Pee

Top 10 on the Canadian Campus Charts July 2001!

Planet Smashers
(STOMP Records)


Recorded at CUTTHECRAP's first location (my living room).
Still an all-time favourite.

Platon et les Caves
Very rare. 
Released on Nardwuar Records

"19 of the best bands in the world" - Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rock Angst! (compilation)

The Gruesomes 
(Og/Tyrant Records)
Archiving for unreleased 
Greatest Hits

V/A - Saskatoon or Bust (STOMP Records)
Mastering and Sequencing only

Contains rare Grim Skunk track as well as Guttermouth, Nicotine...

Rubberman (Aquarius)
Mixing only for CHOM L'Esprit
(winning entry)
"...Rubberman has received critical acclaim with their first release 'More Than I Can Chew'. The song remained within the top 10 on Montreal's CHOM-FM Top 20 Album Countdown for 11 weeks while the video has received heavy airplay on MusiquePlus..."
Spaceshits (7")
(Sympathy for the Record Industry)
Recorded 4 or 5 singles. Very rare, highly sought after!

In glorious Mono!

Shock Troops 
(Combat Rock
# Backstreet Rock’n’Roll EP
# Fun & Fury LP/ CD

die erste große Scheibe der Kanadier, sehr geile Scheibe, schnell, hart, medodisch und abwechselungsreich, sollte man unbedingt mal reinhören

Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi

Shades of Culture 
(Union Label Group) 
"A Little Bit About Us" Sequencing

Gangster Politics 
(STOMP Records)
"Dawn Of The Mafia" is the first 3 song EP from Gangster Politics. Released back in '96, it quickly sold out of its initial 4000 copy pressing.



Your Band


Ripcordz (En Guard/STOMP Records)
(V/A All-Skanadian Vol. 3)
Matt Lipscombe
(formerly of Me, Mom and Morgentaler)
Bloodshot Bill 
Maury Povitch 3
Monster Squad (Indie) The Frat Kings (Indie)
Flacid (Indie) Slaphappy 5 (cool band)
Trevor (WEA) Splurge (Indie)
Automatics (Indie) The Quickies (very Indie)
The Cryptics (Og) add your name here...

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