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Low budget - No bullshit!


CUTTHECRAP is all about independent recording. CUTTHECRAP has gained a considerable reputation as  being one of the few sources to generate real underground music. Its distinctive sound is not for delicate ears! My records speak for themselves. They are a testament to truly independent thought. If you think that what you're doing is original enough, then step on up.

This is what I do. To know more, go with the crowd!

Visit the home of the Planet Smashers...

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada..
Since: 1993
My main occupation is playing bass with the Planet Smashers. I've played close to 2,000 shows, written material for 4 albums with the Smashers and countless others with other acts. This summer, you can catch me on the Warped Tour through East Coast USA and Canada. Major Highlights will be playing Ashbury Park, NJ and Randall's Island in NYC (not to mention Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Virginia Beach, etc.)

I've seen it all!

Punk - Ska - Mod - Garage - Surf - Jazz - Hardcore - Oi! - Twister - Reggae - New Wave - Pop - Hip Hop

All projects were engineered top to bottom by CUTTHECRAP, unless otherwise specified.


Studio Experience
Silent Sound (great studio 24-track analog 2", 24-tracks digital plus ProTools with mastering suite) where I work on anything from neo-classical to Tricky Woo in your face. Check out Morris' page. 
DNA Productions (24 tracks digital, 16 tracks analog; for lower budgets) session with the Cartel.

Live Sound Experience
Montreal International Jazz Festival, Oscar Peterson Concert Hall (formerly the Concordia Concert Hall), The Jupiter Room (head tech, designed and assembled PA system setup,) Bar Le Swimming (assembled PA system), The Jailhouse Rock (Montreal's legendary punk venue), Half Japanese, The Sadies, Huevos Rancheros, The Datsons, JFK & The Conspirators, The STOMP All-Stars... Everything from large to small venues, indoor and out.

Short Films and Videos:
The Planet Smashers "Mission Aborted" - "Change" - "Too Much Attitude" - "Super Orgy Porno Party"
The Kingpins "Sick Valentino" director  - also actor in "Supernova"
Chee-Chee the Monkey (2-minute children's short-film) shot on chroma-key
Captain Caption (Super 8mm film with construction paper animation)
What is Ska? (2-minute documentary circa 1995 - The explosion of the ska scene in Montreal) part of which was broadcast on "Flash" (TQS-TV)
Kerosine Karoline (Documentary on this fire-breather)

Guest Musician (guitar, bass and/or drums):
The STOMP All-Stars - traditional ska (bass); The Kingpins - ska ska (guitar, bass, drums); The Cartel - ska ska ska (drums); Trip The Off - reggae (drums, bass); Bucket of Metal - heavy metal (bass); The Quickies (drums, vocals); Les SÚpara-Twists (bass).

Soundtrack work:
Global Television - "Bang TV" soundtrack + "First Dates" soundtrack
FOX - Weekly series "Misguided Angels"  and "Big Wolf on Campus" - theme and incidental music
CBC-TV advertisement for MUHC (McGill Univ. Health Center)
TQS - "Flash" incidental music

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