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1 - King of the Jungle (Beaton)

I'm King of the Jungle, 
I'm Lord of the Beasts
There ain't no creatures out there meaner than me
I rule the forests, I rule the trees 
The lion see me, he get down on his knees.

From Kilimanjaro to the banks of the Nile
I live like an Emperor, 'cause that's just my style

I'm King of the Jungle,
I'm Boss of the Land 
In the Sahara I'm Prince of the Sand
So when you're out there, just look and see:
Every living creature's paying homage
King of the jungle that's me!

I'm King of the Jungle,
I'm Boss of it All
The apes all cower when they hear my call
I swim the river, I climb the rock
I fight the rhino and wrestle the crock

From the slow moving Congo
Out to the Red Sea
I'm the one to look out for
When you're on Safari

2 - Let's Go To Work (Beaton)

Let's Go To Work!

It's 9 o'clock in the evening,
and there's work to be done
No time to talk, 
we got to punch the clocks and stop having fun

Now I'm a hard working fellow
So get out of my way

There's a job to do we can't avoid
I got no time for the unemployed
So come on people buckle down 
there's no time to shirk

I'm a modern-day Valmont
Don Juan in a suit
Some guys content just to work to pay the rent
I take a different route

Gonna climb the corporate ladder
Till I'm the man on top

On the job, you know what they say:
"There's a reward for working every day"
From the CEO to the loneliest clerk,
Everybody's got to work!


3 - Just One Day (Walsh) UNRELEASED version with Lorraine singing

It was late at night
We was feeling alright
It was miles away from the Montreal nights
Somebody said something 'bout a really good song that he heard.

In the parking lot
With the radio playing
I do recall that somebody was saying
This girl he'd met was causin' him a whole lot of hurt

I'm not sure, but I think he said
That the time she borrowed was time he'd lend

I don't know. I think her name was Heloise or Laura
She would always make a point to drive a boy nuts when she could
So I tried, yes I tried oh Lord I tried to understand
Why the road less travelled is sometimes the best way to go

Well you punch the clock from day to day
I know life need not be that way
I want a way out, if only for just one day
We're loading up the loading ramp
The sound-check's good, we've set up camp
We're ready

Ac couple of Rudies were pounding back forties
And a couple of Chelsea girls sat on the edge of the stage
The music was roaring and Lord the Guinness was flowing
We left our troubles behind, for Just One Day!

4 - Lot's Wife (Beaton)

Here’s the story of the wife of Lot
History tells how she got caught
Ended badly but it wasn’t her fault
When she looked over her shoulder and was turned to salt 

In a big wicked city
You try to do the best that you can
But the day finally came
So they packed up the van

Loaded up their belongings
And got the heck out of that place
She didn't want to look
She tried to cover her face

Oh Lot's wife, she couldn't help looking back

Lots of fire and brimstone
Was raining out of the sky
It was something to see
She couldn't pass it on by

She could hear people screaming
She knew she couldn't look back
She really tried her best
Just to move down the track

Oh Lot's wife, she couldn't help looking back

Now some people will tell you
A woman is a curious thing
But don't you believe them
Don't let them tell you a thing

In the same situation
Leading a dull boring life
You'd be looking for excitement
You'd be just like Lot's wife

Oh Lot's wife, she couldn't help looking back


6 - Manon, Viens Danser le Ska (Lautrec / Nolès)

Manon, viens danser le ska
Montre moi le nouveau pas
Y'a personne qui bouge (danse) comme toi
Dis Manon viens danser le ska

Je connais une fille que j'aimes bien
Elle est l'envie de tous les copains
Quand je la vois j'ai le coeur qui bat
Dis Manon, viens danser le ska

Dis Manon tu viens danser le ska
Alors montre moi le nouveau pas
C'est ça Manon alors tu viens me danser le ska
Et puis tu va me montrer le nouveau pas, Yeah yeah

J'inviterai Pauline pour une Cha-Cha
La belle Jeanine pour une samba
Et maintenant pour le nouveau pas
C'est toi Manon la reine du ska


7 - Johnny Rock Steady  (Walsh) 


Johnny's got a ratchet
And he plan to use
He say it makes him feel good
There goes the neighbourhood

Johnny doesn't understand
Violence brings a curse to man
Johnny only want to fight
Johnny wanna slice the night

Here come trouble now

Johnny's got a golden ratchet
And the man he plan to use it
The man say he got his reasons
The system be made to abuse it

So him say

Johnny's in a jail cell
The man say he there to stay
Johnny want the world to know
Ratchet using doesn't pay

Johnny now understands
Violence brings a curse to man
Johnny doesn't want to fight
Johnny won't slice the night

He's a lifer now

Bonus lyrics... This song is an adaptation - NOT A REMAKE - of the song Johnny Ratchet which can only be found on the All Skanadian Vol. 3 on STOMP Records. For this version we removed the second verse which fills in the story, and read:

Johnny got in trouble
Sliced up a ghetto man
Johnny's on the run now
Running from the neighbourhood

(Johnny doesn't understand...)


8 - Rat Fink (Beaton)

I think I finally know just what you're about
You got no class and you act like a lout
You're driving 'round with your tongue hangin' out
Yeah you're a Rat Fink

The Code of Silence means nothing to you
You'd sell me out for a dollar or two
There's nothing sneaky that you wouldn't do
Yeah you're a Rat Fink

You've got a mug that people despise
Your pointed teeth and your beady black eyes
So what I'm saying shouldn't be a surprise
Yeah you're a Rat Fink

You zoom around in that big hot rod car
Down at the beach you strut like a star
Well listen buddy I know what you are
Yeah you're a Rat Fink


9 - Dr. Haledjian Got Married (Beaton)

Remember the guy who solved all the crimes
But now things are different, a sign of the times
He used to be cool, ahead of the game
But now all his nights are the same

The killer's gone free, the blackmailer's back
The butler just split with the jewels in a sack
So don't count on anyone saving your life
That man that we need is home with his wife

Dr. Haledjian got married, so don't even bother to call
Dr. Haledjian got married, now he won't leave his house at all

So if you need a helping hand
There's just one thing you gotta understand
Now that he's got a wedding band
Dr. H is a different man

The chamber maid's screaming, the Duchess is dead
The cook's in the kitchen, but missing a head
We need a hero, a superior mind
But Dr. H won't even pick up the line

Remember the painting that hung by the stairs
It's missing for days, but nobody cares
I don't think this madness is gonna end soon
Dr. H just left on his honeymoon


10 - Don't Turn Away (Walsh)

Don't turn away from me
Or you will pay dearly

I'll never hurt you, no
I'll never bruise you, no
I'll never hit you, no
I'll never strike you, no

I'll never knife you, no
I'll never shoot you, no
I'll never lynch you, no
I'll never kill you, no

Just make sure that you toe the line
And things with me will be just fine
Those silly games you play will be your undoing
Don't turn away from me


12 - Don't Stay Away (Dhillon)

If you knew
How much I love you
How much I need you
You wouldn't stay away

If you knew
You were my one desire
You set my soul on fire
You wouldn't stay away

Now darling I know
You have got another girl
She treats you nice I'm sure
She's even more beautiful than I

But if you knew
How my heart burned for you
And how I long (yearn) for you
You wouldn't stay away


13 - The Coconut Song (Walsh)

I was born in a coconut grove
So please don't play with my coconuts

My coconuts they are big and round
They're kind of fuzzy and they're golden brown
My coconuts they are the best in town
But please don't play with my coconuts

I see my coconuts are tempting you
I see you're looking for something to chew
But cup them in your hands and drink the milk instead
And you will see my coconuts are good for you


14 - I Told You Not to Cry (Wilden)

I told you not to cry, but you did
I told you not to sigh, but you did
I told you not to swing your hips
I told you not to bite my lips
I told you not to cry, but you did


15 - Last Train to Expo '67 (Brevett)

This is the last train to Expo '67

Get on board
Let's go have a ball
Yeah, get on board
Let' s go swingin' on

For it's the last train to Expo '67

You don't need no baggage here my friend
Neither a ticket, no
You just jump right on
Cause it's fun for all


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