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OCTOBER 28th, 2004

It is with pride that we confirm the rumours about The Kingpins. To reflect the evolution of the band, and out of respect for its wonderful and memorable past, the band will continue down its own path under a new name. We cannot tell you how much your continued support has meant to us over the past few years. We are really hoping to find a way to commemorate what once was by revamping this website and putting up lots of old photos and tour anecdotes. We will even be adding some unreleased audio clips and some video footage when we've had a chance to weed through it all. This will have to wait till after our return from Europe - in January 2005. We welcome you to our new home and sincerely hope that you will continue to be a fan of the music we love so much. This was not an easy decision, it's always hard to say "Auf Wiedersehn" to something that has meant so much to so many (not the least of whom, Lorraine.) We are very proud to have been among the most respected and influential ska bands of the past decade. We're also extremely proud of having had many loyal fans through the ups and downs; and we have you to thank for that! We would be thrilled if you would share your memories of the band, in any and all of its forms, on our guestbook.

APRIL 24th, 2004

Our US tour dates are up for the month of May. June dates to be announced shortly! 

FEBRUARY 25th, 2004

Long time! New shows announced (see events page)Toronto - US Tour... 

JANUARY 17th, 2004

Next Thursday (January 22nd), don't forget to join the Stomp All Stars at Le Swimming for an unforgettable night of old-school ska, rocksteady and reggae. This year's edition of the All Stars is fantastic! VALENTINE'S weekend sees the Kingpins at Café Chaos (St-Denis street just north of Ontario street). We chose to share our new material with our fans in this more intimate setting on the occasion of Valentine's - a perfect gift to music lovers everywhere! More details to come...

NOVEMBER 29th, 2003

TONIGHT ONLY on CBC Radio 3 (for frequencies in Canadian cities - click on your province) at 11PM EST (Montreal time) catch a sliver of Montreal with guest-host Lorraine!!!! A one-hour walkabout accompanied by eclectic music - all Montreal artists. OR listen on the net...

OCTOBER 4th, 2003

Phew.... Finally after being cut off from the net for almost a month (feels like forever,) I'm BACK!!! The Kingpins will be playing a show at Le Swimming in Montreal on Thursday October 23rd. Please come out and show your support. The concrete work on our new album starts in just a few days and we're all really excited about the songs and about our upcoming projects! You will be in for a big surprise (Kingpins' style.) More on this in a few days...

JULY 1st, 2003

HAPPY CANADA DAY... We leave on tour for over a month on July 4th, so the only updates will be via the guestbook... Thanks to everyone who came out to the Jazz Fest and who wrote us about the show... We appreciate your support more than you can know... Hope to see you out at our shows on this tour...

JUNE 26th, 2003

All I can say is MONTREAL INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL is going to be a show to remember!!!!! So please come out and enjoy two great sets... 8PM and 10PM on the duMaurier/Radio-Canada CBC stage on Ste Catherine street beside the GM stage just opposite Place des Arts... The Kingpins always offer a special little surprise... Those of you who will be coming out to the show at the Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield on July 4th are in for a doozie too...

MAY 1st, 2003

Merchandising special: Any order over $50 during the month of may will receive a COMPLIMENTARY copy of Plan of Action. Any order of Watch Your Back plus Let's Go To Work will receive Plan of Action at no additional cost!!!! Since I will be on tour for the whole month, there will be a delay in shipping - and heck, everyone needs a plan of action!!!! Please help encourage the band as much as possible, whether it's requesting a song on radio, on a video channel, by "rating" our band through the new banner network of "Risingmusic"... SOME GOODIES I've put up for you while I'm away: The recording of "Rocksteady" we did while in Germany. There are some digital clicks at the beginning, but this is the integral "Headcold" version of the tune which will likely not be released as such.

APRIL 18th, 2003

"KINGPINS ON THE AIR! If you're by a radio or computer on Monday, April 21, tune into CKUT 90.3FM Montreal or CKUT at 8:30pm to hear an interview with Lorraine from the Kingpins, as well as some brand new songs and old stuff." This interview (and several songs) recorded live at our show April 5th... This is your very first opportunity to hear the new material we're working on!!!

APRIL 15th, 2003

Thanks to all who came out and checked out some of our new tunes at L'X last weekend! We had a great show!!! It was Russ' first gig with us (on bass) and Dan "The Swiss Knight" has now permanently added the keyboard to his set up with us. We'll be playing another show in Montreal before I leave on tour with Japanese punk-rockers "Nicotine" (as their tour manager.) Look out for me around the Death By Stereo, Nicotine, Downway tour starting in Vancouver May 16th and crossing our giant country! Also, don't forget to check out my good friends KING KONQUEROR who will be playing MONTREAL Thursday, May 1 @Le Swimming OTTAWA Friday, May 2 @Barrymore's (Atlantic Scene Festival) TORONTO Saturday, May 3 @El Mocambo (w/The Arsenals.) You won't want to miss their great performance! A new compilation featuring one of the songs we recorded in Europe in now out - check it out! Still Standing... a great way to explore today's ska...



photo: Malka Green - March 4th, 2000 @ Horseshoe

MARCH 24, 2003

Don't forget next Saturday, March 29th, our friends "The Slackers" will be playing at Le Swimming (3643 Bd. St-Laurent.)

MARCH 14, 2003

The Kingpins will be playing LIVE at Salle de L'X (178 Ste-Catherine street East) on Saturday, April 5th, 2003. The show is ALL AGES/LICENSED (ID required) and will feature Trip The Off (Montreal) and The Johnsons (Edmonton.) Tickets are available at Stomp Records (2039 St-Denis street) and Sound Central (182 rue Ste-Catherine Est) as well as X2O (3456 rue St-Denis). Cost is $8 in advance and $10 at the door. We'll be trying out some new tunes and hope to see you all (it's been so long! We can't wait...)  Thanks to CKUT 90.3FM (McGill Radio) for co-presenting The Kingpins!

JANUARY 9, 2003

TONIGHT!!!!! The Ska All Stars hit the stage at "Le Swimming" (3643 boul. St-Laurent, Montreal) featuring: members of The Kingpins (and alumni), ex-Planet Smashers, ex-Undercovers, ex-Gangster Politics, Gruesomes, Race... Come out and escape the frigid cold, dance to traditional ska, rocksteady, reggae and R&B!!!!!!!

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