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NOVEMBER 24, 2001

The show last Friday was "magic" as the radio station co-host said... We played live on the air of the school's pirate radio station (a reach of only about one kilometer) and recorded it. It sounds alright so if I can convince my friend to help me turn one or two songs into MP3s you may get to partake (of course, my previous attempts at making new MP3s or MPEGs have failed - so far - but I will try again...) I have begun the writing process and am feeling really good about this break-thing. I miss performing a LOT and I can't wait to get back to it, but the wait will make it all the more special! Keep your eyes peeled on our site because I will be putting up new photos and other goodies when I can get my virtual hands on them... If you have ANYTHING at all you can send for posting on the site it would certainly be appreciated! SEE YOU ALL SOON...

NOVEMBER 14, 2001

I got to see the rough edit of the video for Consequence this week. They are going to work on it for another two weeks (just for the special effects!) It looks great. The concept was done by Christopher Langston of Cyclope Films . It's a crazy take on the lyrics of the song! Josh did a great job and makes it look almost real. I'm not going to give anything away of the "plot", but suffice it to say it makes me look ruthless!!! This coming Friday night is our last show for a while, I am going into hibernation to write some new material. Thanks for all the support (from fans and friends). After all, the Kingpins have always been about the music, never anything else.

OCTOBER 24, 2001

Updated the COOL STUFF page by adding some more photos from Europe, some misc. photos, some flyers and ads. I also added a page of select REVIEWS, but I'm not sure from where to link them., so for now... get 'em her... REVIEWS!! Great shows recently in Fredericton NB (Chestnut Club), Cegep du Vieux Montreal & Edouard Montpetit!

OCTOBER 9, 2001

Updated the events page.  FINISHED all  lyrics for Let's Go To Work upon receiving several e-mail requests. My apologies if things sometimes take more time than I'd like... I'm doing my best to keep up with the band stuff and the web stuff. I am still planning on putting up a "Merch" page shortly... so keep your eyes peeled for that one because I know our CDs are sometimes hard to find Specially in Leipzig Germany!!! Not to mention Spain, France (Plan of Action) and the States (notably several requests from California)...

SEPTEMBER 21, 2001

Updated the events page.  Put up SOME more lyrics (one song at a time being added) from Watch Your Back and Let's Go To Work - linked from the discography page on each album. Updated my (Lorraine) personal pages (English and French). I encourage you all to check out the Quebecois movie "Crème Glacée, Chocolat et autres consolations..." in which I sing a song (plus two Kingpins songs on soundtrack). I also encourage you to request our music on radio and video channels. We are keeping the band very quiet for now as I am preparing to take a few weeks to write some new material...

AUGUST 24, 2001

Updated the events page. Updated the Cool Stuff Page - put Supernova and  L'Aventurier MP3s up, and added a couple of miscellaneous pictures! Put up SOME lyrics (one song each so far) from Watch Your Back and Let's Go To Work - linked from the discography page on each album.

AUGUST 3, 2001

NEW! All the lyrics from Plan of Action! More eurotour stories are up! And other neat stuff coming soon. I put an MP3 up on my personal page meantime...

JULY 15, 2001

This is Lorraine, not Eric. I don't know how to change the date up there... and am doing my best to keep the continuity as Eric is going to be busy for a little while and we didn't want you to feel neglected. The Euro Tour Diaries will be trickling in slowly but surely over the coming weeks. Many pictures from Europe will be put up soon as well! I did some tweaking of this page and am preparing to completely overhaul my personal page!

april 29

Put Eric's page and updated the events page.
april 4
Updated discography page with info for each Kingpins recording. Also put some lyrics from Plan of Action.

photo: Malka Green - March 4th, 2000 @ Horseshoe

april 4
Put the photos, a/v and posters pages all on one new page, COOL STUFF!.
I put a new series of posters and also some photos from our tour with the Peacocks.
Jonathan's page is up now! Go see how he joined the band and his fave links.
Lorraine's page has been up now for a while but I hadn't announced it. She updates her page regularly, so go back often for
latest Lorraine news!.
april 4
Changed the look of the site. For good!
march 25
Changed the look of the news pages. I hope you'll like it!
march 17
Updated and changed the look of the events calendar.
march 13
Changed the look of the infopage. Updated Josh's bio in the members section.

MARCH 7-8-9-10, 2001

Click here to read Lorraine's newsletter pertaining to this Toronto trip... featuring a TV appearance on the Comedy Network's Open Mike with Mike Bullard, as well as two shows with the English Beat!

march 4

The Kingpins were nominated for Best Ska Band. Best Single with Bordel, and Miss Lorraine for Stage Beast. Click on the MiMi logo to find out the results.
MiMi logo

february 24
Put pictures of the photo session for Plan of Action and put more posters!

february 19
Update Dates page, youppi!!

The video for Supernova will be edited this week. It may be out as early as to coincide with our Toronto visit (no promises though...) i still think "bordel" should get more airplay, it's too cute - toboggan chase and all... you can request it below if you like :)





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