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NOVEMBER 6, 2002

I hope you all enjoyed my little Halloween scare. If not, sorry you missed it, I no longer have the website address... More songs being written, more plans being spawned... Keep your eyes peeled, the Kingpins are comin' !

SEPTEMBER 23, 2002

We'll be keeping a low profile for a few months while working on our new tunes. Do feel free to continue sending us your encouragement by e-mail, or on our guestbook though! Also, keep your eyes peeled for a few sporadic shows where we will be trying out our new material...


If you are interested in having the Kingpins play in your CEGEP, please contact your student representatives. We are part of the SODEC grant program for CEGEPs which facilitates our performance. Please e-mail Duncan for CEGEP bookings, or e-mail us directly for any other bookings.

AUGUST 19, 2002

More new photos up from the All Skanadian Tour 2002! Newly announced show in Victoriaville on August 24th!!

AUGUST 3, 2002

I've put up a bunch of new photos, all from the European Tour 2002! Take a look... More stuff coming soon!!! Also a big overhaul of the site while we're on hiatus.

JULY 8, 2002

We've just been confirmed as the headlining act at the major outdoor Festival "Polliwog" held in Montreal every August to crowds of up to 12,000 people. It is a free outdoor concert Saturday August 3rd and we will be playing at night. Please come out and show your support. Tomorrow we all head to Toronto for a few days to write some new material...

JUNE 24, 2002

The return home was a successful one, with a packed show at Club Soda last Saturday June 15th! The tour diaries are a priority, but after 3 months on the road it could take a little longer than we'd like! Thanks again to everyone who came to the shows and signed up for the newsletter! Let's get us back out there SOONER this time!!!!

JUNE 12, 2002

Venue change in Trois-Rivičres... We are playing sat D'Artagnan instead of Le Monkey. Lots to tell about these last 3 months on tour (later!)

MAY 17, 2002

The show at Café du Palais was the perfect way to start our Canadian Tour!!! This is a 3-act ska night and you would be cheating yourself if you came too late for the terrific General Rudie set. They are on their first national tour, so let's show them how awesome Canadian ska crowds are!!! They will be followed by Chris Murray and his guitar who will make you sing - so make sure you come early! Keep your eyes on our guestbook, I will post news occasionally... Hockey talk: I find myself cheering on the Leafs for the first time in a long time (please beat that Carolina team who put our Habs to shame!)

MAY 11, 2002

Not much time before we take off on tour across Canada.... I'll work on getting some photos and anecdotes up from the Euro-tour (which was awesome) as soon as we get back in mid-June.... The band will then be taking a well deserved break to work on even more new material for a future album.

MARCH 20, 2002

We leave in a few days for an awesome trip to Europe - 7 weeks... When we get home, we hit the road again towards the West (about time isn't it?... even though we're missing out on Regina and some other places!) I FINALLY put the merch page up, so in case any of you would like to order from us, you can now. It goes through a service that accepts all forms of payment. I probably won't be able to update this site much while I'm away, so not to miss out on anything, you can sign up for the Topica newsletter... Otherwise keep your eyes on the guestbook (I may pop in!)

FEBRUARY 26, 2002

I have no idea what's going on with this red font stuff... Anyway! More important things to discuss here... like the Canadian Hockey Team!!!! Woohoo.... Enough said (I'm still glowing!) All new band photos coming in the next week!!! Lots of dates up on our events page. Two out of town shows confirmed for the Stomp All Stars (first time EVER playing outside Montreal...) March 8th in Ottawa at the Babylon and March 14th in Quebec at Le Kashmir... This could be a one time thing, so please come out and enjoy some GREAT GREAT music!!! You won't regret it, you can even bring your parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More stuff in my newsletter (I know I keep mentioning it, but I kind of feel bad thinking maybe people who give a poop are missing out on some of the exciting news not just in Kingpins' land, but in my world with all its side projects!)

FEBRUARY 11, 2002

I put up some of the dates from our upcoming European and Canadian tours. There will be more soon (Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy...)

FEBRUARY 3, 2002

If you want to get the real (and fully detailed) "scoop", sign up for our newsletter by sending an e-mail here (or enter your email address in the Topica box at the top of this page...). Events page will be updated shortly when confirmations received for our major European Tour in March, April and May. Same goes for a long awaited Canadian tour which will take place from May to June! Thanks to you all for 35,000 hits per month for the last 8 months... and going strong (1.6Gb of data transferred from our site in January alone!)

JANUARY 18, 2002

Added a few  more shots from last year's Euro-tour... 

JANUARY 16, 2002

The past two months have been filled with songwriting and rehearsing! While the Kingpins are on down time, I took a week to work on material with our producer "King Kong" Gírio. We'll be playing some of the new songs at our next performance. Every year, at this time, the STOMP All Stars get together to give something a little special back to the Montreal scene. For more, check out the ALL-STARS page I made! Thanks a million for all who came out this past week.  It's official, the German label MAD BUTCHER will be putting Plan of Action out in Germany!

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